Uses of Shilajeet

Updated: Feb 3

Shilajeet is always mistaken to have just one use of increasing sex power. But it is just a stereotype. Yes, shilajeet increases sex power and adds vitality to your body but it has uncountable other uses too. Shilajeet's use as a natural pre-workout is a trusted and experimented use. Shilajeet reduces risk of Alzheimer's disease, slows the process of ageing, reduces muscle fatigue, removes high altitude sickness, reduce iron deficiency(anaemia) and helps maintain a healthy heart. Besides these there are many more uses of shilajeet and it is impossible to cite them all in one place.

In a nutshell shilajeet should be consumed as a natural supplement daily and by people of all age groups.

One should take at least half table spoon of shilajeet daily with either warm water or milk.

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